FitnessMad Nordic Curl Strap

3.995 kr.

  • Gerir þér kleift að gera Nordic curl heima
  • Festist við hurðina
  • Afar slitsterkur strappi
  • Hægt að stilla lengdina á strappanum

Á lager


Frí sending ef þú pantar vörur í þessum flokk fyrir meira en 10.000 kr.

No bench? No gym? On holiday? The Nordic Hamstring Curl Strap is ideal as you can use this strap anywhere you have access to a doorway. Simply slide anchor point under doorway, close (and lock) the door, slide feet under strap, place feet against the door, and start your workout. Door anchor slides perfectly under your door and features an adjustable strap for a customised fit. Foam also provides a comfortable support as will not dig into their legs as you workout. No more excuses for a missed workout!

  • Door anchor slides perfectly under your door
  • Adjustable strap for custom fit
  • Foam provides comfortable support

Product Details

  • Brand: Fitness-Mad
  • Material: Foam covered handles, woven strap with adjustable plastic buckle
  • Colour: Grey
  • Safety Information: For safety reasons, please lock the door you are using the Nordic Curl Strap on or let everyone in the household know to avoid any injuries.