York C32 Trissa

399.995 kr.

  • Flott semi-pro trissa frá York Barbell
  • 2x 90kg lóðabunkar (5kg plötur)
  • Með fylgja 2x handföng, 1x stór stöng og 1x lítil stöng
  • Innbyggð upphífistöng (þolir allt að 125kg)
  • Stærð (H x B x D): 226cm x 137cm x 130cm

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The York Barbell C32FT Functional Trainer is excellent home gym equipment designed by industry experts. With its dual adjustable pulley and two 90kg weight stacks, this compact machine allows for a variety of smooth and efficient exercises.

Multi-angle chin-up bars provide a secure grip. Ideal for home use or light commercial settings, this trainer is great for anyone serious about their fitness journey.

Convenient and versatile, the York Barbell C32FT Functional Trainer features two 90kg weight stacks in 5kg increments, providing smooth and efficient exercises for any fitness enthusiast. This makes it a great choice for home gyms or light commercial use. Enhance your fitness journey with this well-designed equipment from industry experts.

  • Compact, Dual Adjustable Functional Trainer
  • 90kg Weight Stacks
  • Multi-Angle Chin-up Bars
  • Storage Hooks for cable attachments
  • Range of Accessory Handles Included – 4 included as per images
  • Pull up bar features multiple handles, allowing for wide, narrow and neutral grip pull ups
  • Durable nylon pulleys with a smooth motion for a pleasant workout
  • Compatible with various other carabiner attachments
  • Black powder coated finish
  • Pull up bar rated to 125kg
  • Measurements:
  • Total height: 226cm
  • Total width: 137cm
  • Total depth: 130cm
  • When considering ceiling height allow at least 15cm extra for installation