Slant Nordic Bench

74.995 kr.

  • Nordic curl bekkur
  • Nordic curl getur gert frábæra hluti fyrir fætur
  • Þéttir púðar
  • Hægt að stilla hæð á festingu
  • Auðvelt að færa til (hjól á grunni)

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The Nordic Bench is the perfect piece of equipment for Nordic Curls (Glute Hamstring Raises) using your bodyweight. This exercise activates all three hamstring muscles making it perfect for increasing athleticism and injury prevention. With regular practise, the Nordic Curl can improve mobility around the knee joint whilst reducing hamstring strain. Join the world-class athletes using this equipment to bring their game to the next level, whether that be on the sprinting blocks or on the rugby field.

Product features include:

  • Dimensions: 140cm x 60cm x 30.5cm
  • Solid metal frame construction
  • Adjustable padded foot restraint
  • Wheels and handle for easy movement
  • Can be stored flat or upright when not in use
  • Thick foam padding for knee support
  • Slant Board™ logo branding

The Nordic Bench is fully commercial grade and exclusive to Slant Board Ltd. It is delivered flat-packed with instructions and all screws, fixtures and tools required for assembly included.