Slant Floss bands (par)

4.495 kr.

  • Floss bönd eru notuð í hreyfanleikaþjálfun
  • Koma 2 saman í pakka og eru misstífar
  • Gráa teygjan er millistíf og svarta er stíf
  • Ath. teygjurnar innihalda náttúrulegt latex

Á lager


Frí sending ef þú pantar vörur í þessum flokk fyrir meira en 10.000 kr.

The Slant Board Floss Bands are perfect for creating tight compression on aching muscles and joints. This compression helps to relive pain and improve joint mobility. Muscle flossing is used before an activity to increase range of motion and train more effectively or after an activity to recover quicker.

Product features include:

  • Dimensions: 5cm x 1.0mm x 208cm (Black), 5cm x 1.5mm x 208cm (Grey)
  • Thicker bands provide increased compression for deeper targeting or athletes with larger muscles
  • Elastic latex rubber for optimal comfort and compression
  • Easy to re-roll for transport and storage
  • Branded with the Slant Board logo

Please Note: These floss bands are made from natural latex and are not suitable for anyone with a latex allergy.